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99% of microgyms don't go out of business because of a lack of hard work...

They go out of business for a lack of smart work

Welcome to MGU - 
an online education platform for aspiring and current gym owners.

Perfect for anyone who lacks experience running a profitable business in the fitness industry.

So Who's Teaching This Course? 

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Stuart Brauer is a 15-year student of strength and conditioning, and found his niche in the microgym industry in 2006. 

Since then he's dedicated his life to building a fitness business simply based on combining hard work with smart work. 

From humble beginnings making three figures and running workouts in a park to owning a million dollar gym (Urban MVMNT).

He's now more popularly known for his business coaching handle WTF Gym Talk - where he provides no-BS solutions for running a profitable microgym. 

He's worked with over 2000 microgyms across the country and MGU has been his obsession for the past 18 months - ensuring that it would bring the education needed to those who want to thrive in this industry. 

So What Do I Get With Full Enrollment?

  • installing a proper sales flow to close 80-90% of your qualified prospects
  • the psychology of sales and how to create convincing influence
  • digital touchpoints leading up to the first sale (getting them in the door!) 
  • breakdown + implementation of PT First 
  • how to make closing the sale the easiest part of the sales process
  • conducting fitness assessments vs. the "ghosting" protocol
  • how to get your staff bought into the idea of selling - and not feeling sleazy in the process
  • overcoming objections during the close 
  • internal sales and increasing your ACV within current membership 
  • and more! 

  • the hidden math behind retention 
  • why so many owners in the industry completely misunderstand what keeping members actually means
  • retention vs. attrition 
  • how to accurately calculate your monthly retention 
  • the "Plight of the 300 Member Gym"
  • determining your average Length of Membership & Lifetime Client Value - and what to do with this data
  • good cancellations vs. bad cancellations (yes, there are good cancellations!) 
  • installing a complete cancellation flow within your business
  • operational flow to increase retention (digital & personal) 
  • compensating your staff via my retention based performance structure (higher retention for you and more money for them!)

  • do I need to hire a bookkeeper or CPA? what's the difference? 
  • conducitng a membership audit (and finding thousands of dollars in missed revenue) 
  • analyzing your current membership financials via my Delta Sheet 
  • how to figure out if you should raise your prices + what you should expect as a result (more money, less people) 
    *how to conduct your price raise is located in the Future Planning Master Course 
  • why the subscription based business model is going to be the preferred pricing structure for your microgym
  • point of sale cash vs. point of sale EFT (and why your current sales model is going to put your out of business) 
  • the PT First model's cash structure 
    *the actual installation of PT First sales is located in the Sales Master Course
  • single revenue stream vs. multiple revenue streams (and how to build out multiple verticals of income) 
  • using my Numbers Tracker to go from coach to CEO
  • interpretting your business numbers on a daily, weekly and monthly level
  • how to recognize patterns and trends in your business (like those really smart people who play the stock market)
  • budgets - creating them, enforcing them and allowing them to work for your business
  • operational capacity 101 - how to figure out the sizing of your facility, how much money you can make per class and utilizing every square foot for revenue 
  • and more...​​​​​​​
  • utilizing my Discovery Meetings to ensure we are getting the right people in the right roles for our business 
  • creating a proper Org Chart so that you can scale, grow and even sell your business (if you choose!)
  • learn the in's & out's of all the compensation models and how to make any of them work for your business (hourly, salary, performance and energy exchange) 
  • don't think you can afford full-time staff?  you're probably wrong - and I'll show you where to re-allocate your funds to create full-time positions
  • staff re-structuring and how to get those who want to be apart of the bigger picture more involved 
  • performance review 101 - how to make sure you don't grow to resent your staff by making sure everyone is on the same page
  • creating promotions and linear career ascension 
  • firing - it's not if, but when it will happen - let's make sure you know how to handle it appropriately 
  • team development - regardless of whether you need to train your coaches, front desk or sales staff - you need to have a training & development plan in place
  • and more...
  •  how to tell your story and make it stand out from the competition 
  • copywriting de-mystified - how to create copy for your social media posts that actually gets people interested in your brand
  • organic marketing camapigns that work (without spending a single dollar on ads) 
  • Facebook + Instagram engagement campaigns to drive brand awareness (for a fraction of the cost of traditional FB ads) 
  • want to retarget a segment of your market that has considered you, but hasn't purchased yet?  (we got you covered)
  • lead generation advertising (with the gimmick or without - your pick) 
  • how to construct a landing page that doesn't suck and actually converts 
  • internal marketing campaigns for your current members (because selling additional services to people who already trust is waaayyyy easier)
  • referall campaigns that your members are actually excited to participate in (and how to incentivize them without spending money)
  • retail marketing 101 (cause this stuff isn't going to sell itself) 
  • content creation explained for photo, video and audio
  • creating effective videos on a budget that will get your prospects interested in what you offer
  • ever wanted to start an in-gym podcast?   (we'll teach you how)
  • stealing content vs. being inspired and making it your own (don't be lazy)
  • and more...
  • producivity is a lie and here's why (when you more work in less time, you're still doing the work!)
  • how to create workflow that allows your team to pitch in at the right time, with the right role so that the right service is delivered 
  • the 7 steps to get your business running like Clockwork™️
  • the 5 functions of your business and to evaluate which ones to focus on first 
  • installation of workflow for attracting prospects, converting them, delivering the service, collecting payments and connecting to ensure high retention 
  • contracts vs. month-to-month memberships (which one should you be using?)
  • are you accepting credit card, ACH or cash?  maybe all three?  how to streamline this process to save you hundreds of dollars and hours of work
  • the effective customer experience touchpoints that ever member needs to recieve 
  • automation - what to automate and when (and when to replace auto with personal) 
  • creating effective surveys to find out anything that's on your members minds (if you don't konw the problem, you can't fix it!)
  • and more...
  • everyone wants an amazing brand - but do you even know what that means?
  • going deeper than your logo if you want to create something worth remembering 
  • how to identify your brand's core values + core focus so that you can lazer in on your messaging to the market
  • installing Talk Triggers™️ inside of your business to increase word of mouth (people discuss different and ignore average) 
  • are you doing the same thing as every other microgym in your market?  let's stop that now (same = lame)
  • why your coaching, community and programming are NOT what makes your brand unique & worthy of customers
  • de-coding the 7 elements of your primal brand and how to turn the mess of abstract ideas in your head into logos, taglines and marketing campaigns
  • an in-depth look at some of the best fitness brands (and others) and how they created a brand message that resonates with customers - and how you can too.
  • clarifying your message (are you being confusing or concise?) 
  • how to create clever taglines, slogans and one-liners that stick in your customer's head
  • successful marketing campaigns that you can "steal", run them through your own branding machine and use to tell your story
  • and more...

  • increase your revenue by ~25% next month via a price raiase (the complete walkthrough and game plan)
  • making unpopular changes to your business? let's listen to logic and not the "loud minority"
  • how to properly remove toxic members or staff, minize the fallout with your customers and restore order to your business
  • want to make adjustments to your class style, programming or schedule but you're afraid to upset the membership?  (it's way easier than you think)
  • rebranidng vs. repositioning (what's the difference and why it matters)
  • how to properly rebrand your business and determine if this is the right move at the time
  • looking to purchase a building?  (the things you need to understand first before becoming very, very wealthy) 
  • and more...
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Full Enrollment Payment Options 

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  • 12 mo expiration date from time of purchase (you can elect to extend this on a month-to-month basis if you need more time)
  • instant access to every course inside of MGU + all courses that are added throughout the year
  • monthly CEO Collective Call - a 60 min live call on various business topics with Q & A 
  • private communication platform to submit any questions that may arise during your course education 
  • discounted rate on all WTF sponsored seminars + workshops 

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  • 12 mo expiration date from time of purchase (you can elect to extend this on a month-to-month basis if you need more time)
  • drip-fed access to every course inside of MGU + all courses that are added throughout the year (courses are released in the order above as payments are recieved)
  • access to every course inside of MGU + all courses that are added throughout the year
  • monthly CEO Collective Call - a 60 min live call on various business topics with Q & A 
  • private communication platform to submit any questions that may arise during your course education 
  • discounted rate on all WTF sponsored seminars + workshops 

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